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The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight
The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight

Titan Pro Alpha

Save $2,000 Save $2,000
Original price $3,999
Original price $3,999 - Original price $4,599
Original price $3,999
Current price $1,999
Current price $1,999

  • 2D Massage Mechanism
  • L-Track
  • Zero Gravity Reclining
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • Specialized Foot Massage
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
Color: Beige
Delivery: Curbside-Free
Warranty: 1 Year(Parts/Labor) 2&3 Year(Part Only)-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gave me blisters on my foot

Fell asleep coz i was too tired. The foot rollers are too aggressive gave me blisters... poor design overall

Mark G.

I love this massage chair and use it at least twice per day. The Titan Pro Alpha has good power, many positions, numerous functions and never failing response. This is our second massage chair. The first was from a different company that was also a fine chair. However, the cost was three times as much as the Osaki Titan Pro Alpha. Very, very pleased with Osaki!

Don't buy. They are liars.

Don't buy. They are liars. I bought their massage chair and encountered air leaks and breakage problems, but they didn't solve it at all, and they didn't reply to emails anymore. Never buy. You will regret this. I am preparing to sue them through legal means.

Dustin T.
Amazing chair

The Titan Pro Alpha massage chair has all the features you need at a great price point. The assembly is very simple with two connections for foot rest and then insert two pins to hold it in place. The controls and power cord plug into the back with ease and total assembly time once it is removed from packaging is less than thirty minutes. I'm 6'3" and the only area that the chair doesn't cover is the upper hamstrings. Due to the design of arm sleeves, individuals with longer arms have difficulty inserting and removing from sleeve. The L track system is a great design to massage glutes and upper back thoroughly. The feet/calf massage system is on a spring loaded track, I feel like I'm pushing dwon on feet massager to keep in place. I wish the feet/calf system was on a adjustable track to keep it locked in place while the massage occurred. I was weary of the air bag system, but is a great feature to add to the massage experience. The controls are easily adjusted and is straight forward. I was shocked by the quality of this chair at the current price point, I priced chairs for weeks before deciding on this titan chair. The less expensive chairs didn't offer the L-track system and was the deciding factor in purchasing this chair. Overall, this chair is well engineered with quality upholstery and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality chair.

Fantastic Chair

Fantastic massage chair so far. We have never had a massage chair in the past and it took some research in order to choose one that was within our budget (even better, a sale!), but at the same time has the options that we wanted. The product specification on the website is pretty accurate since we were at first afraid that the chair would be unable to fit through the door, that is of similar width. The chair came in two boxes, with the foot rest in a separate box. The manual was pretty straight forward in terms of set up and we did not face any issues. Once everything was set up and powered on, the chair was working as intended.
So far, we’ve had a couple of household members try out the chair, ages ranging from 25 to 70, and everyone has been satisfied so far. The different preset options are pretty easy to understand and navigate considering the older members aren’t as tech savvy. However, one thing that we’re unsure of is whether the chair is supposed to go back to its original position once the preset option’s massage is completed in Zero G mode. At the moment, we have to turn the chair on and off again just to bring the chair back to the original position. But, overall this is not a big issue since it is just 2 button pushes.