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The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight
The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight

Theramedic 3D LTX

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Color: Black
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Intensity Level

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Theramedic 3D-LTX is created with the function of the individual’s body curve in mind. The massage specializes based on the detected body curve and scanned calculations, making the massage more personalized and accurate.

Adjustable 3D Massage

3D Massage

Theramedic 3D-LTX includes a new dimension of luxury with three-dimensional massage rollers. The 3D massage mechanism is equipped with 3 levels of intensity, 5 different areas of the body, 3 roller widths, and 3 levels of speed at any time, whether you are in automatic or manual mode.

Automatic Body Scan

Automatic Body Scan

The Theramedic 3D-LTX will perform an automatic body scan to map key areas of the neck and back. This is to ensure the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. Additionally, the scanning process detects your shoulder height, which can be re-adjusted once the scan completes. The Theramedic 3D-LTX is designed for people as tall as 5'11 to 4'9".

Space Saving Technology

Space-saving Technology

With Theramedic 3D-LTX’s Space Saving Technology, the base of the chair slides forward while reclining, requiring only 4 inches of leeway before lying down.

3 Stage Zero Gravity

3-Stage Zero Gravity

The Theramedic 3D-LTX is equipped with 3 Step Zero Gravity reclining, allowing the user to rest in a complete state of weightlessness. The Theramedic 3D-LTX utilizes a separate lifting adjustment function for the lower leg frame. You can also recline the chair with the automatic zero-gravity setting.

Intelligent Voice Recognition

Intelligent Voice Control

The Theramedic 3D-LTX includes an intelligent voice control system, which can be enabled by saying "Hi, Alice" or "Hey, Alice."

24 Air Cells Full Body Air Massage

Full Body Air Massage

The Theramedic 3D-LTX consists of 24 airbags including the shoulder, upper arm, palm, leg, and foot air compression. The air pressure can be adjusted in three degrees of intensities across the entire body.

Back & Calf Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The Theramedic 3D-LTX’s heating therapy targets the back and calves, help battling tension and stress across the body. The heating therapy feature is a great compliment to both the roller and airbag massages.

Foot Roller Massage

Foot Roller Massage

The Theramedic 3D-LTX includes a foot roller massage function, with three rollers covering the surface area of the foot. The intensity is adjustable in three separate speeds.

Spring-loaded Extendable Footrest

Spring-loaded Extendable Footrest

The footrest uses a spring retractable function, allowing the user to stretch out their feet up to 7". Apply light force with legs to manually extend the footrest to the desired position.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

Listen to any of your favorite music, podcasts, or calming sounds using the Theramedic 3D-LTX’s built-in speakers. Its bluetooth function allows for an easy, wireless connection.

15 Automatic Massage Modes & 7 Manual Massage Styles

15 Automatic Massage Modes and 7 Manual Massage Styles

The Theramedic 3D-LTX includes a range of automatic massage modes, including: Comfort Massage, Relaxing Massage, Stretch Massage, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Back & Waist, Massage, Full Body Massage, Ancient Beauty Care, Leg & Hip Care, Release Sedentary Stress, Spine Care, President Cosy, Relieve Soreness, Good-night Sleep, Sport Recovery, and Meridian Treatment.

The Theramedic 3D-LTX also includes 7 manual massage styles, including: Knead, Tap, Knead & Tap, Shiatsu, Knock, 3D I and 3D II.

Theramedic 3D LTX 4D Upright & Reclined Dimesion


Product Name
Theramedic 3D LTX
User Manual
Power Supply
110 - 120V
Rate Power Consumption
Rate Frequency
60 Hz
Rate Timer
20 minutes
(W x L x H)
30” x 52“ x 42.5”
30” x 62.7” x 36”
Minimum Doorway Size
Maximum User Weight
260 lbs