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The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight
The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight

The all new 1028B Lux-Ergo Office Chair from Osaki has everything you could want out of a luxury office chair: comfort, control, and class. This office chair allows for independent seat and backrest reclining, provides fully-adjustable armrests, and even rotates smoothly in a full 360º. Bring a breath of fresh air into your home or office with this truly exceptional chair.


A 360º Perspective

Don’t get bogged down and stuck in one position, with the Lux-Ergo chair’s 360º rotation you can feel free to use your entire desk space. This hydraulic-assisted, whisper-quiet Osaki mechanism rivals even its $750+ competitors, providing the smoothest and most technologically advanced rotation available.


Complete Control

Personalize your chair for any desk space with Osaki’s tri-lever comfort control system.
1. Backrest Recline: Independent Backrest Reclining
2. Seat Tilt: Independent Seat Tilt
3. Chair Height: Gain/Decrease Height


30º Of Relaxation

Enjoy your workflow in any position. Using the customizable control system, you may recline your chair by up to 30º for maximum comfort, or total efficiency.


Gradating Seat Angle

Everyone sits differently, that’s why Osaki added 25º of gradating seat tilt; whether you have perfect posture or slouch till the cows come home, this chair gives you the ability to be your utmost comfortable.


Contoured Comfort

Other office chairs overlook the most important part of any sitting experience, the seat itself. Osaki’s painstaking research has led to the development of the most ergonomic and comfortable seat cushions available on the market.


Cloud-Comfort Memory Foam

The Lux-Ergo’s foam-mold infused mesh cushioning provides a degree of unrivaled comfort to the workday. This marriage of old and new processes creates the perfect balance for a fantastic experience.


Adjustable Armrests

Whether your desk is high or low, and your arms are long or short, the Lux-Ergo’s 3-inch extendable armrests give you the freedom to explore and find the your optimal position.


From Such Great Heights…

Is your desk a little too high? Do your feet not quite reach the ground? Well the Lux-Ergo’s hydraulic telescoping base is an easy remedy for both of these problems! Gain or lose nearly half a foot with the simple pull of a lever.


Expansive Backrest

Osaki blows its competitors out of the water with the Lux-Ergo’s expanded backrest. This larger contoured space means your lumbar, spine, and shoulders are cradled comfortably at all times. Additionally, this larger surface gives your neck and head a reprieve when you need it most.


Product Name
Osaki 1028B Lux-Ergo Office Chair
(W x L x H)
26” x 23.5" x 43.5"
26.78” x 25.6" x 15.75"
Cushion Dimensions
Seat (W x L)
20.5” x 23.5”
Backrest (W x H)
20” x 24”
Maximum User Weight
270 lbs