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The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight
The Most Sold Massage Chair Brand for 10 years Straight

Ador 3D Integra

by Ador
Original price $4,999.00 - Original price $5,598.95
Original price $4,999.00
Current price $4,999.00

Color: Black
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Warranty: 1 Year (Parts/Labor) 2&3 Year (Parts Only) - Free

Intensity Level

Ador Taupe 3D Integra

Requisite Massage

Become enamored with your new massage chair as it calibrates according to body tension, targets stress with impressive compression massage, reclines to three levels of zero gravity positions, and work out stiffness using 21 exclusive massage styles. Reach a whole state of vitality with Integra.

  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Black

Intelligent Voice Control

The Ador 3D Integra has Voice Control capabilities. There are many commands that can be used during the chair operation. Use the phrase “Hey Alice” or “Hi Alice” followed by the preset commands in the manual.

Intelligent Voice Control

3D Massage Mechanism

The Ador 3D Integra is a three-dimensional massage chair with adjustable speed, intensity, and width. Additionally, the Integra is equipped with intelligent manipulators with salient designs that travel vertically and extend from front to back of the track.

3D Massage Mechanism

Hand Reflexology with Health Detection

By maintaining the need for an essential massage, the Integra can locate specific fields of tension without being intrusive or obstructive. As such, Ador has developed a tension monitor based on heart rate. This Health Detection does not take the place of certified medical equipment.

Hand Reflexology with
                    Health Detection

The SL-Track is Laser-Crafted Steel. The track allows the massage rollers to effortlessly reach the entirety of your body. The SL-Track reaches all the way from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.

  • Shoulder
  • Armrest
  • Calf
  • Foot

28 Cell
Full Body
Air Massage

28 Cell Full Body Air Massage

Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving

Experience relaxation in a state of weightlessness with the 3D Integra’s three stage zero gravity reclining. This indispensable technology was originally developed by NASA. With Ador’s Space Saving Technology, you may place your 3D Integra 2 inches from the wall and still achieve a full recline.

Zero Gravity Reclining 
                    and Space Saving

Lumbar Heating

Relinquish unwanted tension with the 3D Integra lumbar heating system. These dual infrared heating coils effectively warm and soothe aches and pains along the lower back.

Lumbar Heating

21 Auto Massage Modes

Fast Mode


Comfortable Mode


Relax Mode


Stretching Mode


Full Body Mode

Full Body

Neck & Shoulder Mode

Neck & Shoulder

Back & Waist Mode

Back & Waist

Full Airbags Mode

Full Airbags

Stress Relief Mode

Stress Relief

Energy Mode


Good-night Sleep Mode

Good-night Sleep

Joint Care Mode

Joint Care

Neck & 
                Shoulder Care Mode

Neck & Shoulder Care Care

Spine Mode


Office Mode


Sport Recovery Mode

Sport Recovery

Brain Refresh Mode

Brain Refresh

Spine Care Mode

Spine Care

Waist Care Mode

Waist Care

Legs Care Mode

Legs Care

Rejuvenation Mode


6 Manual Massage Modes

Kneading Massage Style


Tapping Massage Style


Kneading & Tapping Style

Kneading & Tapping

Shiatsu Massage Style


Shoulder Lifting Massage Style

Shoulder Lifting

3D Massage Style


The Ador 3D Integra provides calf kneading for tired leg muscles caused by standing for long periods. The massage is a combination of kneading rollers that move vertically and airbag massage functions that squeeze the calf muscles.

Calf Kneading

The 3D Integra’s Specialized Foot Rollers are uniquely designed to activate various acupuncture points through the use of scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The foot rollers contain three rollers for each foot, for they provide a complete massage from toes to heels.

Specialized Foot Roller Massage

Created with any user in mind. The 3D Integra was designed with users of different heights and body types. The chair’s manual spring loaded Extendable Footrest lengthens up to 7 inches for maximum comfort.

Extendable Footrest

The 3D Integra’s Side Control Panel contains quick settings such as heating, airbags changes, variation in 3D massage, backrest and legrest adjustments.

Side Control Panel

The 3D Integra’s Remote pocket and USB charging are located on the side of the chair for easy reach. Relax and enjoy an imperative time for self care as your device charges.

Remote pocket and USB charging

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Remote Controller

Remote Controller


Ador Integra Dimension Upright
Ador Integra Dimension Reclined


Product Name
Ador 3D Integra
User Manual
Power Supply
110-120V ~
Rate Frequency
60 Hz
Rated Power
Rate Timer
20 min
(W x L x H)
29" x 61.5" x 47.5"
29" x 68.5" x 40.5"
Minimum Doorway Size
Maximum User Weight
260 lbs